Skills Testing

At Top Personnel we are very much aware that our clients require employees who have a specific skill set, as well as talent and experience.

From simple literacy and numeracy tests through to more comprehensive psychometric evaluations, we can offer a range of skills testing assessments to ensure that the people you recruit to your team have the right knowledge, resulting in optimum performance from day one and minimal staff turnover.

Access to Skillsarena software and their online employment assessments enables TP to identify talent and verify candidate skills in specific industries, and ensure that the right people are placed in the right jobs at the right time.

These tests are fully automated and generate a real-time report with detailed analyses, scores and percentile rankings. Candidates are assessed quickly, accurately and fairly.

Skills arena assessments are offered within three areas of employment skills testing :

  • Aptitude Tests : measure general cognitive ability and assess how well candidates can solve problems and process information. The most common cognitive tests include verbal reasoning and numerical reasoning.
  • Core Skills Tests : assess an individual’s basic competencies, providing an overview of their skills and capabilities when it comes to reading, writing, communication and numeracy. These include Microsoft Office and typing skills.
  • Vocational Job Tests : provide a view of an individual’s capabilities that reflect the specific abilities and skills that are needed for a specific industry role.

These assessments cover the subjects, skills and competence levels appropriate to various job opportunities.

Should you be interested in this service, please contact us for further details.